Quality Assurance Policy

We will reward our customers with the best quality.

TransOn is committed to quality policy
to provide the best value to our customers.

Achieve customer satisfaction through independent quality management system
Enhance corporate value by securing the best technology
Quality management based on basic and principle
Strengthening quality competitiveness through continuous process improvement
Strengthening collaboration with partner companies

To achieve this quality policy, each organization sets measurable goals, evaluates the achievement and continuously tries to improve quality management system based on the quality manual. All employees in TRANSON are well-informed of the policy and tries to satisfy customers by achieving the the quality goals and providing them high-quality products.

Environmental Policy

TransOn will take the lead in environmental management thinking about the future.

TransOn has set environmental policies in order to
implement a pleasant and safe environmental management system.

Based on respect of human pursuit humanism​
Environmental laws and of the relevant national and local health and safety compliance and active acceptance of view of the stakeholders.
Minimizing the negative impacts of safety, health and environment and fulfilling social responsibility​
Encourage all employees and suppliers to actively participate in activities through safety and health education and environmental education and training
Developing technologies for optimal safety and health and environmental management​

We inform all employees of this environmental policy, operate according to goals concerned with safety, health and quality, and then continuously improve the policy. All employees in TRANSON are well-informed of the policy and try to contribute to human life and global environment with management that respects both human and nature.